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The Redskins‘ have told Gano to boom the ball through the end zone in each of the first two preseason games, but special teams coach Danny Smith could change that approach. There might be more strategy involved at some point. Players are hopeful, at least.

“Once the season comes around, he’ll get into all that stuff — bloops and all different kinds of things,” Blades said. “But it’s still preseason. You don’t want to show your cards so early.”

“It’s easy to do,” Gano added. “It just depends on what coach wants.”

Gano has enjoyed showing off his leg strength the past two weeks, but he’s convinced that the coverage team still has value.

“You’re not going to have touchbacks all year long,” he said. “You’re going to get games later in the season where it’s getting colder; the ball doesn’t go as far; windy games. Guys’ legs are going to get weaker throughout the season. It always happens.”

It can’t happen soon enough for players such as Jackson, Blades and Alexander. The more touchbacks that fly through the end zone in the last two preseason games, the more apprehension there will be leading up to final cuts.

“I really hate the rule right now,” Alexander said. “I think I might have to start paying [Graham] to bloop some kicks for me.”