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Republicans seek new inquiry on NRC chairman

Four Republican senators are asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s inspector general to investigate the agency’s chairman for what they say is a continued pattern of withholding information from colleagues and acting unilaterally on the commission’s behalf.

The GOP lawmakers say the latest example stems from NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko’s declaration in March that Japan’s nuclear crisis constituted an emergency in the United States.

Sens. James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and David Vitter of Louisiana said it is not clear that Mr. Jaczko had authority to make such a declaration, which grants him additional powers. The senators said they are not certain that Mr. Jaczko has rescinded the order, despite his public claims to the contrary.

An agency spokesman could not be reached immediately.


GOP lawmaker criticized for camera seizures

CINCINNATI — The staff for a Republican congressman who was criticized after police seized two video cameras at an Ohio constituent meeting says future gatherings will be open to recording.

A Cincinnati police officer confiscated cameras from two Democratic activists at a Monday town hall by Rep. Steve Chabot. Video of the encounter was posted on YouTube, and Democrats complained of censorship.

Chabot spokesman Jamie Schwartz says cameras were taken to protect the privacy of constituents. He says in the future, cameras will be allowed and town halls will begin with an announcement that those who don’t want to be on tape asking questions can meet privately with Chabot afterward.

Mr. Chabot is in his eighth term. He served seven terms, lost the 2008 election and then ousted one-term Democrat Steve Driehaus last year.


New rule requires union rights posters at work

The National Labor Relations Board has approved a rule that requires private employers to display posters that tell workers about their right to form a union.

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