- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 25, 2011


President Obama attacks others and blames everything and everyone but himself for the U.S. economic meltdown: He points the finger at the Republican-controlled House, the “Arab Spring,” the earthquake in Japan and patriotic, taxpaying Americans who call themselves the Tea Party. In that case, he won’t mind if we take a look at his record.

When Mr. Obama took office, gasoline prices were $1.84 a gallon, on average - now gas averages $3.58 a gallon. Unemployment was 7.7 percent, now it’s 9.1 percent (or higher because those no longer looking for work are not counted). The president’s $825 billion stimulus bill passed when both houses of Congress were controlled by his party didn’t work. The national debt has increased by about a third to $14.6 trillion and climbing.

His administration placed a moratorium on offshore oil drilling that cost many jobs and made us more dependent on foreign oil. Mr. Obama has been talking about jobs for more than two years but has introduced no concrete plan to grow the economy.

It’s way past time for the president to quit attacking and blaming - and instead follow his own advice to stop playing politics and put the country first.


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