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Maryland’s new uniforms — at least some of the combinations — are super cool, but Edsall is painting the opposite image for himself. That’s fine, because he has to be genuine. If he’s more like Tom Coughlin (one of his former bosses), it wouldn’t make sense to act like Rex Ryan.

True, there probably are players who will be turned off by Edsall’s approach and won’t sign with Maryland as a result. Some of them might be young men of great skill, character and integrity, like Edsall is seeking, who nonetheless prefer a different environment. And that’s fine, too.

Because regardless of earrings, names on jerseys, beards, do-rags and caps, Edsall still has to win games with the players he lands. Keeping them in class and out of the police blotter would be a bonus, as would the absence of NCAA investigators on campus.

The players he scares off won’t be an explanation for underachieving or an excuse for losing.

But the players who suit up will look good, if nothing else.