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“When you play hard, you still got to play smart,” he said. “On mine I try to go to block a kick, I was trying to pull off, a guy just came down on me, and there’s just nothing you can do at that point. A smarter move, I probably would’ve just pulled off early.”

Austin shines

Receiver Terrence Austin turned 23 on Thursday and celebrated by catching a 13-yard touchdown pass from John Beck.

“I was excited to get out there. I just wanted the ball. I got out there in the first half and I was just itching to get a pass. I kept getting the run plays and I was glad I was able to spring Tim on his touchdown,” Austin said. “I made a good play there, but I was just ready to get the ball.”

He got it with the touchdown late in the third quarter. Austin finished with five catches for 71 yards — perhaps a good enough showing to make the Redskins amid tough competition.

“I hope it does. My main thing was I was just trying to be consistent this whole preseason,” Austin said. “That was one of my main goals. I think I accomplished that today.”