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“Once we have analyzed what has been proposed, we will determine what our next steps will be,” said Chris Freund, a spokesman for the group. “Should we find the proposed regulations adequately meet the health and safety standards we believe are necessary, we will urge Virginians to contact the Board of Health and encourage adoption of the regulations.

Assuming the Board of Health adopts the regulations at its Sept. 15 meeting, the next step is executive branch review, which would pass through the offices of the state attorney general, the Department of Planning and Budget, Health and Human Services, and the governor’s office, said Joe Hilbert, director of government and regulatory affairs for the Virginia Department of Health.

Temporary regulations would be in place for 12 months while permanent rules are drafted, though Mr. McDonnell has the authority to extend them up to an additional six months.

Opponents of the law have lamented the lack of opportunity for public comment. Because of the accelerated time frame, the public will officially have only one opportunity to comment — at the board’s Sept. 15 meeting.

The public will, however, be given instructions on how to submit comments to the board in advance of the meeting, Mr. Hilbert said.