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Republicans have been tripping over themselves to tie former Virginia Gov. and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine to his friend — and former boss — President Obama as the race for retiring U.S. Sen. Jim Webb’s seat in Virginia heats up.

But Mr. Kaine last week, while saying that he does continue to support the president, did offer at least one measure of departure from Mr. Obama.

“The president is a friend and I’m a supporter. He’s doing a good job under very tough circumstances. You know, we don’t agree on everything. I don’t agree with my wife on everything,” he said on WAMU-FM Radio’s “The Politics Hour.”

“I think with respect to Libya I think he laid out a good rationale — the events of the week have been very, very hopeful — but I think more formal consultation and putting Congress on the record about that. I think Congress should be on the record when we’re committing American troops into military activities.

“If there’s an initial emergency, if we’re protecting American soil, you can wait to do it, but generally, Congress should have to go on the record on those things and that’s something I’m going to be a stickler about when I go into Congress,” he added.

David Hill, Tom Howell Jr. and David Sherfinski contributed to this report