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“The cancellation was never about the content of the program, as indicated by the fact that the foundation was willing to have the event in the first place. It was about the false and misleading press releases that the Discovery Institute and AFA issued,” the science center said in a statement Monday.

The center said it agreed to settle the lawsuit only to avoid the cost of further litigation.

Becker, the AFA’s attorney, disagreed, saying once word of the film’s screening got out to the scientific community, there was pressure on the center to cancel the event. The breach of contract issue, he said, was just an excuse.

“When the center emailed my client that the event was being canceled, they said, `Let us do something. Let us correct this,’” he said. “They got no response.”

He complained that much of the scientific community misunderstands intelligent design, assuming the theory is just a reworking of the Bible’s description of God creating the universe.

“Intelligent design theory is based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence,” Becker said. “”It is based on research that does not discuss who the intelligent designer is, whereas creationism is based solely on the belief that the Bible’s Book of Genesis is accurate.”