Jackson molest case barred from doctor’s trial

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In court on Monday, Chernoff suggested that Jackson was desperate for sleep and turned to propofol because he was withdrawing from Demerol.

Pastor said he would permit two other doctors and a nurse to testify about their interactions with Jackson regarding propofol.

One is an anesthesiologist who gave Jackson propofol at least four times, including for dental procedures. Chernoff said the doctor, David Adams, used Murray’s Las Vegas office in April of 2009 to give Jackson propofol for sleep on at least one occasion.

Adams is expected to testify that Jackson was so familiar with propofol that he called it “milk,” according to documents filed by the defense.

Walgren sought to bar Adams’ testimony, saying it will be “a side show.”

Outlining the planned defense for the Houston-based cardiologist, Chernoff reiterated that he would claim Jackson self-administered the drug in a desperate quest for sleep.

Also barred was the testimony of Tohme Tohme, a one-time Jackson manager who negotiated the contracts for Jackson’s ill-fated “This Is It” concerts, and John Branca, the co-executor of Jackson’s estate. Pastor has said Jackson’s finances won’t be discussed at the trial.

The judge ordered lawyers back to court Sept. 6 to finalize jury questionnaires which will be handed out beginning Sept. 8.

He said in-court questioning will begin Sept. 23 with each side allotted 20 minutes to question each jury prospect.

When Chernoff suggested that time was too short, the judge said, “Counsel will have the most comprehensive jury questionnaire I’ve ever seen, perhaps the most comprehensive one ever. You will know from that who they are and what they are thinking.”

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