- - Wednesday, August 3, 2011


10 found guilty in immigration protest

PHOENIX | A judge has found 10 people guilty of misdemeanor charges stemming from a protest last year over Arizona’s controversial immigration law and an immigration crackdown.

Justice of the Peace David Seyer said in his ruling that the state had proved its case against the defendants and found them guilty of disobeying a police officer.

He scheduled their sentencing for Aug. 23.

Judge Seyer could sentence them to up to four months in jail, a fine of up to $700 and two years of probation.

The defendants’ trials were held June 17 and July 8. The judge still has to decide the fate of six more defendants facing the same charge who went on trial Friday and Monday.


Anthony won’t have to return to Florida

ORLANDO | Casey Anthony can continue her undercover life for now, after a judge ruled Wednesday she does not have to immediately return to Florida to start serving her probation for check fraud.

A hearing on her probation was set for Friday, Judge Belvin Perry said. Ms. Anthony won’t have to show up for that either.

A different judge ordered Ms. Anthony to report to Florida on Thursday for her probation, but the judge later recused himself and turned the case over to Judge Perry, who presided over Ms. Anthony’s murder trial.

Ms. Anthony has been out of the public eye since she was acquitted last month in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The jury’s decision angered many people online and elsewhere, and threats were made on Ms. Anthony’s life. She vanished after leaving jail July 17.

Ms. Anthony’s attorneys said local authorities would have to provide security if she was forced to return. To back up that claim, they included a flyer in their arguments that showed a doctored photo of Ms. Anthony with a bullet mark on her forehead. Underneath the photo reads in part: “With a forehead that big, the headshot will be easier.”

Ms. Anthony was convicted of lying to detectives, but released because of time served.

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