- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gaga’s antics as alter ego extend into men’s restroom

Performance artist Lady Gaga continues to outdo her own weird awards-show behavior, taking her odd antics to a new level during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

Lady Gaga dressed and spoke in the character of male alter ego “Jo Calderone,” a drunk, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed man. The 25-year-old “Monster” singer repeatedly referred to herself in the third person, saying, “[Gaga] left me! She said it always starts out good and then the guys - meaning me, I’m one of the guys - we get crazy.”

According to FOX411’s Pop Tarts, the peculiarity continued off-camera. An insider told the news outlet that Lady Gaga made trips to the men’s restroom throughout the day as part of her drag act.

She also tried to make out onstage with Vanguard Award recipient Britney Spears, who rejected the intense kiss and appeared uninterested in the charade.

Times have changed since the 2003 VMAs, when Miss Spears famously shared a long kiss with pop-music legend Madonna. Now a mother of two and pushing 30, Miss Spears may have outgrown her scandal-ridden past.

The VMA broadcast apparently didn’t sit well with the Parents Television Council, an organization that advocates for responsible television.

“While nobody should be surprised by MTV’s desperate attempts to maintain some veneer of being about music, this year’s VMAs were a profanity-riddled, cringe-inducing mess,” Dan Isett, PTC’s director of public policy, told the Daily Caller. “MTV hasn’t learned its lesson from the failure of ‘Skins,’ and it’s high time families aren’t forced to pay for MTV to access the quality programming on cable.”

Beyonce announcement sets a Twitter record

According to Twitter’s public relations staff, the fastest-tweeted event in the site’s history was Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Twitter’s global PR office reported that service peaked at 8,868 tweets per second at 10:35 p.m. on Sunday. For comparison, the peak tweet load after the announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden was 5,106 per second.

The previous record was set during the final match of the 2011 Women’s World Cup, which saw a peak of 7,196 tweets per second.

TMZ.com reports that Beyonce, who was scheduled to sing at the Oct. 8 Michael Jackson Tribute Concert, intends to perform at that event via satellite. TMZ quoted representatives for the concert who said the “pregnancy will not affect her performance.”

TMZ also reports that Beyonce will be about five months pregnant at the time of the concert.

Duff pregnancy nets actress $100,000 severance

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