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“Political activism should never trump good science and common sense,” says the American Cleaning Institute, Consumer Specialty Products Association, International Fragrance Association and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials Inc. in a fierce rebuttal to University of Washington researcher Anne Steinemann. Her findings are “non-scents,” they say.

The environmental scientist claims that scented dryer sheets emit 25 harmful, volatile organic compounds from dryer vents, noting, “If they’re coming out of a smokestack or tail pipe, they’re regulated, but if they’re coming out of a dryer vent, they’re not.” Fragrance seems to draw ire: similar claims were also made against scented candles by environmental scientists in years past.

The industry groups reject Ms. Steinemann’s research as “sensationalist” and fault her methodology and standards as well. “Activism shouldnt trump good science, common sense. Consumers can continue to use laundry and fabric care products like they do every day,” they conclude.


• 76 percent of Muslim-Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance.

• 70 percent are Democrats, 19 percent are independents, 11 percent Republicans.

• 38 percent are moderates, 27 percent liberals, 25 percent conservatives.

• 68 percent favor a government that is “bigger, with more services.”

• 55 percent say Mr. Obama is Christian, 34 percent don’t know his religion, 10 percent say he is Muslim.

• 52 percent say they are singled out by U.S. anti-terrorism policies.

• 48 percent say Americans are generally friendly to them.

• 48 percent view the Republican Party as “unfriendly.”

Source: A Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey of 1,033 Muslim-American adults conducted April 14 to July 22 and released Tuesday.

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