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“Every now and then it catches you by surprise, and you’ll say ‘Jarrett, I didn’t expect you to say that,’ ” Davis said. “Once in a blue moon, he’ll say something. When he says it, you know it’s serious. When he says something, he usually means business.”

When he sizes up his aims for this fall, Boykin is pointed in what he hopes to accomplish. The Hokies, who open the year ranked No. 13 in the Associated Press poll, were touted in the preseason as a national title sleeper.

Now it’s a matter of making good on that possibility and adding to the team accomplishments Boykin enjoyed over the past three seasons.

“Since coming in as a true freshman, I’ve been spoiled, winning ACC championships and the Orange Bowl and the Chick-Fil-A Bowl,” Boykin said. “I feel like we’re one of the top programs and [always] competing for the ACC championship. I feel it’s something expected of us. This year, I want to take it to another level and go to the national championship.”

Fittingly, those hopes have nothing to do with Boykin’s steady statistical prowess. The records, some of which could come into his possession by mid-September, are things Boykin can appreciate once his college career is long since complete.

For now, though, Boykin’s attention is invested in something bigger as he continues to handle his work more quietly than most big-name receivers.

“I think that’s why he has so much respect from our room and other rooms within the team,” Davis said. “He could be the opposite where he could say ‘I’m not getting this.’ He goes about his business like he’s a professional already.”