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The recent Hollywood movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is so politically correct that when you fully realize it, you almost want to wretch.

Its plot focuses on a laboratory technician who takes home an ape that has been abused by a sadistic caretaker. The lab is involved in an experiment to develop a drug that would boost the intelligence of chimpanzees. When the experiment goes bad, the predictably evil corporate boss stops the project and orders the animals killed.

But the apes get hold of some of the drug, inject themselves, thereby increasing their intelligence, and escape. They rampage and kill all humans in their path as they flee San Francisco for the purity of nature in a redwood forest.

The overall theme is that everything about animals is good and conversely, humans are cruel, abusive and greedy. The Hollywood left has made another sneakily disguised propaganda film.


Salt Lake City

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