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Where, oh where are the Republic presidential hopefuls this weekend? Here’s where:

New Hampshire: Gary Johnson, Rep. Thaddeus D. McCotter, Michigan Republican

Iowa: Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum.

South Carolina: Jon Huntsman.

Oregon: Herman Cain.


Safe boating, equal pay, hepatitis, Earth Day, Cesar Chavez — the White House issues all sorts of official proclamations for special days to recognize issues, activists, causes. There may be another day to consider if Sen. John Hoeven has anything to say about it. The Republican North Dakota has introduced a resolution in the Senate to designate Oct. 26, 2011, as Day of the Deployed, to honor U.S. troops far from home.

“We cannot do enough to thank them and their families for the sacrifices they willingly make,” says Mr. Hoeven, who is already familiar with the cause.

As North Dakota governor, he declared a Day of the Deployed in 2006 to support Soldiers’ Angels, a nonprofit that helps deployed military personnel and their families. By 2010, 40 states also had recognized the day.


• 76 percent of Americans say “Americans” are becoming ruder and less civilized.

• 12 percent say they’re becoming “kinder and gentler”; 12 percent are not sure.

• 70 percent say Americans have become ruder to sales or service people.

• 61 percent say sales and service people have become ruder to their customers.

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