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“I think that I’m seeing a very young girl being sexualized, being gazed at in a very adult way,” Ms. Beck said on the show.

Shari Miles-Cohen, senior director of women’s programs at the American Psychological Association, told ABC that it’s detrimental for children to rush into adulthood.

“We don’t want kids to grow up too fast,” Ms. Miles-Cohen explained to the network. “We want them to be able to develop physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially at appropriate rates for their age.” It’s also unlikely that Thylane understands that her modeling could be perceived and looked upon in a sexual way.

Jenna Sauers of addressed this in a Tuesday blog post: “Is she aware that, to people older and more familiar with the commonplaces of fashion photography than she is, the way she is being portrayed reads as somewhat adult, somewhat sexualized?”

Sean Kingston alive and well after emergency heart surgery

Sean Kingston has had a rough couple of months. Almost immediately after a jet-ski accident that left him in serious condition, the “Beautiful Girls” singer recently faced emergency open-heart surgery to repair a torn aorta.

Mr. Kingston, 21, was treated for injuries related to his May jet-ski crash, and felt a stabbing pain in his chest prior to his expected hospital discharge. He recoveredafter undergoing several serious surgeries.

In an interview with MTV,the “Eenie Meenie” singer spoke about how his injuries and recovery had affected him.

“What the accident basically taught me is, in life, you have to count your blessings,” he said. “You just got to keep God present at all times and think about the consequences.” The rapper turned singer/songwriter, born Kisean Anderson, is no stranger to hardship. Born in Miami but raised in Kingston, Jamaica (the inspiration for his stage name), the “Fire Burning” singer was jailed for breaking and entering at the age of 11. He lived in a car while his mother was incarcerated for identity fraud.

Mr. Kingston was discovered on MySpace and released his first album in 2007. His songs have enjoyed chart-topping success; he has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Fergie and othermusic superstars. Now recovering, the “Face Drop” singer reportedly is taking more initiative to stay healthy, through better eating habits and exercising regularly. Readying to make another album, Mr. Kingston said he is feeling pretty good.

“It’s a blessing. … There was definitely trauma, and for me to still be here, it’s only God’s work,” Mr. Kingston said on NBC’s “Today” show. “I think my work isn’t done. It wasn’t my time yet.”

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