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MIAMI A clerk at a South Florida check-cashing store died after being shot along with two other people during what was reported as a robbery.

A SWAT team stormed the store in Broward County near Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday morning.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department said the female clerk died later Tuesday at a hospital. A male suspect was found wounded outside, and another wounded man was across the street. It is unclear whether the second man was involved or just a bystander.

Officials initially thought the clerk was a hostage. They waited until it was safe before going in.

A spokeswoman said she has heard of no connection between the shootings and the fugitive siblings on the run since a crime spree in Florida and Georgia.


Witness: Soldiers cried out when hit by gunfire in Baghdad

FORT LEAVENWORTH Soldiers cried out “oh God, oh God” as they were hit by gunfire when a fellow service member stormed a U.S. combat stress clinic near Baghdad, according to testimony Tuesday during a hearing that will determine whether the accused gunman stands trial.

Sgt. John Russell is facing charges including five counts of premeditated murder in the Mary 2009 attack at Camp Liberty, which was the deadliest act of soldier-on-soldier violence during the war in Iraq. The case cast a spotlight on the issues of combat stress and morale as troops increasingly served multiple combat tours.

Sgt. Dominic Morales testified Tuesday that he and two other soldiers took cover in an office as Sgt. Russell walked through the clinic shooting. Sgt. Morales said he heard soldiers who were hit yelling out, “oh God, oh God.”

The father of one victim, Army Sgt. Christian E. Bueno-Galdos, 25, of Paterson, N.J., was overcome during the testimony and left the courtroom.

A military judge is hearing the case at Fort Leavenworth, where Sgt. Russell is being held. Tuesday’s proceedings are similar to a civilian grand jury.


United Arab Emirates gives Joplin monetary relief

COLUMBIA The United Arab Emirates has pledged to give up to $1 million to help equip high school students in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo., with laptop computers for the coming school year.

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