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“Add candles and throw a party by candlelight to make the space seem more enchanting and mysterious,” Ms. Adams said. “Votives, candlesticks of all sorts - glass, metals, wood - can be gathered into groupings with different heights unified by a candlestick color, perhaps.”

  • Spruce up with paint

Repainting an entire home can be time-consuming, but using a little bit of imagination with a paint brush can add interest to any room.

Whitney Stewart, principal of Whitney Stewart Interior Design in the District, said, “One of my favorite inexpensive splashes is to color-block a wall. Paint a large square of your favorite color on a wall and then hang a smaller picture or object on that wall.”

Ms. Adams suggested painting old cabinets or bookshelves and perking up a wall with a monochromatic strip of paint that is lighter or darker than the existing shade.

“Use paint to spruce up furniture, curtain rods, light fixtures and lamp bases,” Ms. Willard said. “Update an old piece of furniture with a bold, fresh color. Paint rods and rings with a color that complements the curtains. Rub the paint on with a rag for a softer effect. Bring life to a lamp with a fresh coat of paint.”

  • Accessorize your bathroom

Mr. Johnson suggested freshening up the bathroom.

“Change your bathroom accessories: Get a new shower curtain as well as new towels, bath rug and vanity accessories,” Mr. Johnson said. “Popular colors change, and by updating the color palette of the shower curtain, towels and rug, it will add a very modern feel to the space for a very small dollar amount.”

Ms. Mann recommended purchasing a new shower-curtain rod, one with a slight curve or radius to it, to make the shower feel larger and more luxurious.

To add some sparks to your home, Ms. Willard said sprucing up a bathroom with a bold color and an unusual funky or ethnic mirror can result in an instant custom look.