Robert Griffin III: Back to Baylor or on to NFL draft?

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Heady stuff for a school that before this season hadn’t won nine games since 1986.

But is it realistic?

Griffin is great and coach Art Briles has proved that he can design a dynamic offense, but the Bears’ two other talented playmakers - receiver Kendall Wright and running back Terrance Ganaway - are seniors.

And even in this dream season Baylor didn’t play much defense. More often than not, the Bears needed every point Griffin and that potent offense could produce to win.

It’s not quite a Matt Barkley situation that Griffin is facing. The Southern California quarterback is a true junior coming off a spectacular third college season. He finished sixth in the Heisman voting. If he returns to school in 2012, USC is a serious national championship contender.

Griffin’s return to Baylor guarantees no such thing. Fact is there is a great chance that this is as good as it will get for Griffin and Baylor.

“We’ve done a great job resurrecting the program,” Griffin said. “It had a foundation with Grant Teaff and Mike Singletary and all those guys, but it had eroded away over the years. For us to be able to rebuild that foundation add our own successes to it and start building the program that we want it to be is huge. We just needed the right kind of leadership, and coach Briles provided that.”

The deadline to for underclassmen for declare for the NFL draft is Jan. 15.

Griffin said he’ll wait until after the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29 against Washington in San Antonio to make up his mind.

He’s already won a Heisman that seemed destined to go to Luck. Maybe by draft day, he’ll again eclipse Luck.

The day before winning the Heisman Trophy, he wasn’t about to concede anything to Luck.

“I know a lot of people have him locked in as the No. 1 guy,” Griffin said. “Have I heard different, yes? Have I heard he’s the No. 1 guy, yes? I’m not really worried about that and it won’t really affect my decision to come our or not.

“You know Cam Newton wasn’t shown as the front-runner when he came out to be the No. 1 pick and he did it. So you never know with these things.”

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