- The Washington Times - Monday, December 12, 2011

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall is one of the Washington Redskins‘ captains. Twice during Sundays loss to New England, however, Hall failed to meet the standard of leadership that accompanies that distinction, according to coach Mike Shanahan.

Hall did not help safeties Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes attempt to tackle Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski near the sideline on a 49-yard gain in the first quarter.

And after Hall was penalized for defensive holding early in the third quarter, he incurred an additional 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for throwing the officials flag in protest.

“When guys are in a leadership role, I think you understand that you have to keep your cool, regardless if you like a call or don’t like a call,” Shanahan said. “That’s your job to handle yourself in a professional manner; more importantly, to not put your team in a hole by getting a 15-yard penalty.

“Those are things that I’ve talked about with our football team. If you make too many of those mistakes, eventually you’re not with us.”

Hall was absent from Monday’s open locker room period for media. But after Sunday’s game he expressed regret about his outburst, telling reporters that his emotions got the best of him.

As for his effort on Gronkowskis long gain in the first quarter, it did not look good. While the 6-foot-7 tight end dragged Doughty and Gomes toward the sideline, Hall stood and watched.

He told reporters he thought Gronkowski had stepped out of bounds, but Gronkowski had not, and the whistle never blew. Gronkowski shed Doughty and Gomes and ran an additional 29 yards before Hall chased him down. The Patriots scored a touchdown on the next play.

“That was disappointing because one of the things DeAngelo usually does is finish,” Shanahan said. “A lot of corners don’t like to tackle. He’s one of the more physical guys in the league. I know he was embarrassed by it, as well as our whole football team.”

Hall’s outburst Sunday was the latest error by a Redskins captain.

Left tackle Trent Williams was suspended last week for four games because of multiple positive drug tests. And twice this season, Williams was penalized for unnecessary roughness after a play.

Shanahan said he would not revoke a player’s captaincy because it’s not his to take away — all of the players vote on it.

Moss penalty justified

After reviewing the game film, Shanahan agreed with the offensive pass interference call that negated Santana Moss’ game-tying touchdown in the final moments.

Moss ran an out against defensive back Julian Edelman from the right slot. Moss collided with Edelman at the top of his break and extended his left arm. Edelman flailed backward and got the call.

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