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“McQueary was always the centerpiece of the prosecution’s case,” he said.

The newspaper report cited a source said to be familiar with the testimony of the family friend, Dr. Jonathan Dranov.

The Associated Press was unable to reach Dranov at his home and office for comment. No answered the door at McQueary’s home Tuesday. His father, John, declined comment to the AP.

Lawyers for Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and former vice president Gary Schultz issued a joint statement Tuesday about the newspaper report.

“If this information is true, and we believe it is, it would be powerful, exculpatory evidence and the charges against our clients should be dismissed,” said the lawyers, Thomas Farrell and Caroline Roberto.

Curley and Schultz face preliminary hearings on Friday in Harrisburg. They have denied the allegations against them. Curley was placed on leave and Schultz returned to retirement in the wake of their arrests.

Meanwhile, officials at another Pennsylvania school said Tuesday that Sandusky insinuated himself into the school’s football program last year, despite being denied an official position because he failed a background check.

Sandusky had sought a volunteer coaching position at Juniata College in May 2010, more than a year after a high school where he volunteered began investigating his contact with a student there.

Sandusky attended Juniata practices and games despite the athletic director’s directives to the then-head coach that Sandusky couldn’t associate with the team, school spokesman John Wall said.

• (em>Associated Press writers Genaro C. Armas in Bellefonte, Joe Mandak in Pittsburgh and Randy Pennell in Philadelphia contributed to this story.