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In Tuesday’s vote, 10 Democrats voted along with 224 Republicans for the legislation, but 14 Republicans were against it, joining 179 Democrats.

Rep. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican who voted against the bill, objected to using spending cuts spaced out over 10 years to pay for a one-year tax cut, saying he fears future Congresses will undo the spending cuts and deepen the deficit.

“There’s nothing to ensure that this extension is paid for in the future,” he said.

His fear may be well-founded. The Medicare doctor-payments fix Republicans included in their legislation is an example of just that.

In its 1997 balanced-budget bill, Congress wrote a formula calling for those payments to be limited in future years in order to control costs. Once the cuts started to bite, Congress voted every year to delay them, at a cost of billions of dollars each year.