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“That was a pretty big moment in the tournament,” Bradley said, referring to his birdie on the 17th. “That’s the one putt everyone remembers. I have a vivid memory of it being 10 feet away and going in dead center. “

That moment, though, might have been set up on the previous hole.

Bradley was about the only guy who didn’t lose hope after his triple bogey, but he felt as though he had to make birdie on the 16th. And the only chance of that was to hit the fairway on the uphill par 4.

“If you miss that fairway, you can’t get to the green,” Bradley said. “I hit, seriously, the most pure shot of my life. It was 10 to 15 yards farther than I had hit all week on that hole. To me, that was the most important shot of the whole tournament. Because if I miss that fairway, it changes everything.

“It was the biggest shot of my career.”