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Since Odom left, there’s been chatter about his reality show being a distraction to last year’s team. He seems to believe that is revisionist history.

“It’s something you’ve got to take with a grain of salt,” he said. “I just wish that, if it was, somebody would’ve told me a little earlier. If it was, then I would’ve done something about it.”

Odom also proudly noted that he had a great season while the cameras were rolling.

“You never know what’s going to make you concentrate just a little harder, and I think it did,” he said.

He’s not sure whether the show will continue. He plans to discuss it with his teammates, coach and Cuban _ not that he thinks it will be a tough sell with Cuban, himself a past and present reality show star. Heck, if anything, Cuban might want the show moved to the cable network he owns, HDNet.

“He seems like he’s the kind of guy who’ll like it,” Odom said, laughing.

Carter _ a former All-Star and dunk champion _ became a free agent after the Phoenix Suns bought out his contract. He chose to sign with Dallas because he’s at the point in his career where all that matters to him is “winning, and playing on a team that wants to win and knows how to win.”

“I think they’ve shown all of that,” he said. “My goal is to fit in with what they’ve accomplished and who they are. … If we can continue like they’ve done before _ just leave the egos outside, it’s not about how many points you’re going to score, it’s how productive you’re going to be for your team to win _ with the firepower we have, we’ll be fine.”

Notes: The Mavericks announced Tuesday night that they had traded versatile swingman Rudy Fernandez and forward Corey Brewer to Denver for a future second-round pick.