- - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giants-Cowboys game dominates TV ratings

Sunday night’s football game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys dominated the television ratings.

The Nielsen Co. said Tuesday that NBC’s weekly showcase game was seen by 24.5 million people. That was well above the most popular non-football program of the week, CBS‘ “Two and a Half Men,” which had 15.2 million viewers.

It was behind only the early season contest between the Cowboys and the New York Jets for the most popular Sunday night game of the year. NBC says it ranks No. 6 of all the Sunday night games it has telecast for six seasons.

With the exception of the game and two NBC pregame shows, 18 of the 19 most-watched programs were on CBS, led by the comedy “Two and a Half Men.” The only non-CBS show to crack that formidable wall was ABC’s “Modern Family.”

With 7.6 million viewers, ABC’s telecast of a Republican presidential debate Saturday night was the most popular such debate of the season so far.

After “Modern Family,” the most-watched prime-time show on ABC last week was the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

BBC denies misleading viewers over footage

The BBC has dismissed criticism that veteran nature broadcaster David Attenborough misled viewers over images of polar bear cubs featured in his hugely popular TV series “Frozen Planet.”

Eight million viewers in Britain watched images of a polar bear caring for her newly born cubs in scenes shown Nov. 23 that were juxtaposed with pictures of an adult polar bear.

The fact that the footage of the cubs was actually shot in a zoo in the Netherlands was only revealed in an accompanying video clip on the BBC’s website.

The BBC has denied misleading viewers with the footage, claiming that Mr. Attenborough’s commentary was carefully worded so it did not give the impression that the cubs were in the wild.

It said the way the scene was filmed was “clearly explained” on the program’s website.

“The commentary has been massively misquoted,” a BBC spokeswoman said. “David actually says ‘on lee-side slopes’ not on ‘these side slopes.’

“We are standing by the fact that we worded this to not be ambiguous.”

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