- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 15, 2011


President Obama and the Democratic policies of “change” are destroying our economy, upping energy costs on consumers and businesses, taking away individual freedoms, and imposing foreign policy that antagonizes our allies and appeases our enemies.

This “change” is also preventing businesses from hiring, giving benefits and pensions to union contractors and workers, and giving loans to companies and waivers to states that support the president politically.

Fortunately, we still have an opportunity to repeal or reverse these ruinous policies. The solution is a united voter bloc of Democrats, Republicans and independents who recognize the problem and will vote for a Republican president and Republican majority in the House and Senate. Doing so will allow repeal of Obamacare and the enactment instead of health care reform to reduce costs, maintain physician-patient relationships and allow patients the freedom of choice.

We also need a comprehensive energy program based on actual science and economic needs - current and future. We can flourish without inappropriate, restrictive regulation. We must restore individual freedoms and return to a foreign policy that treats our allies fairly and deals with our enemies effectively.

Most importantly, we must restore and support our military so it can defend our country, heed the advice of our military leaders and not make decisions based on political expediency.

No matter the various speech gaffes or changes in positions GOP White House hopefuls have come under fire for, none of them has the established record of failure that Mr. Obama’s legislation and policies have produced.


Centerville, Mass.



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