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“The guy is an athletic freak, and he has to play at a certain level,” Jackson said. “He has to be running on all cylinders at all times, and when he’s not, it kind of messes with him a little bit.”

Rookie DeJon Gomes has replaced Landry as the starting strong safety, Haslett and Shanahan said.

“I like D.J., and I think he’s going to be a good football player,” Haslett said. “This gives him a chance to play five, six games and show us what he can do for the future. I think he’s a really instinctive football player.”

Veteran Reed Doughty replaced Atogwe in the starting lineup against New England last weekend. Doughty will start again against the Giants on Sunday, Shanahan said.

Atogwe isn’t sure what that means for his future with the organization. He has said he is fit enough to play.

“That’s something that’s going to be decided in the offseason,” he said. “Right now I’m really focused on being here for the team, supporting them the best way I can, and when my number is called being ready to play.”

It’s not ideal, but reality rarely is for this team.

“Those things, we adapt to and you get better,” Haslett said. “But that’s one area we’ve got to make sure that we get some stability in the future.”