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“Americans are not suspicious … of baseball-playing, apple-pie eating Muslims,” he said. “It’s the ones you see on the news.”

The manager of the Lowe's store, Doug Casey, said the company wasn’t influenced by any outside group or ideology. He said those who criticized Lowe's have a right to their opinion, but that “it’s not the opinion of most of the customers I spoke to in the store today.”

“I’m deeply sorry if it’s caused any divide in our community,” he said. “It was never our intention to offend or alienate anyone.”

The hubbub didn’t keep people from shopping at the store. Keith Rissman, who was buying finishing boards for windows he’s installing in his mother’s garage, said he supported the company.

“It’s a decision they’re allowed to make,” the 57-year-old said. “If (people) don’t want to shop here, they don’t have to.”

Karen Lundquist, 65, came to the store with her son even though she didn’t support Lowe's decision. “It just seems like they yielded to a Christian hate group,” she said.