- - Sunday, December 18, 2011


Gingrich open to marshals rounding up judges

ATLANTA — Candidate Newt Gingrich continues to level harsh attacks on the judicial branch, saying as president he would consider dispatching U.S. marshals to force judges to appear before Congress to explain controversial decisions.

Mr. Gingrich made the comments Sunday in an interview on CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation.”

As he courts conservatives, the former House speaker has stepped up his attacks on the judicial system in recent days as the Iowa Republican caucuses near. Mr. Gingrich helped fund an effort last year to oust three Iowa judges who upheld a law permitting gay marriage in the state.

Mr. Gingrich said Sunday that he is disturbed by the “steady encroachment of secularism through the courts to redefine America as a nonreligious country and the encroachment of the courts on the president’s commander-in-chief powers which is enormously dangerous.”


Romney feels ready for Obama’s attacks

Mitt Romney is defending his years making millions in private business and says he’ll handle attacks from Democrats who are trying to paint him as wealthy and out of touch.

In his first Sunday show interview in more than a year, Mr. Romney told “Fox News Sunday” that if he wins the Republican presidential nomination, he is prepared to handle characterizations by Democrats that he believes that “greed is good.”

Mr. Romney said a photo shown of him and Bain Capital partners with dollar bills scattered everywhere was taken after they had raised $37 million for the company’s first venture capital fund. He said the fund was ultimately used to help build businesses and create jobs.

Mr. Romney deemed himself ready to handle attacks by President Obama, saying: “The president’s going to go after me. I’ll go after him.”


Lawmakers confirm McFaul as ambassador to Moscow

The Senate on Saturday confirmed Michael McFaul, President Obama’s top adviser on Russia, to be the next U.S. ambassador to Moscow.

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