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Oklahoma State players have been wearing a black wristband this season that serves as a reminder of a missed opportunity last season, when they gave up two touchdown passes of over 75 yards in the final 3:03 and lost 47-41. They’ll get a second chance, and it’s even at home for the second straight year due to a rearranged conference schedule brought on when Nebraska and Colorado left the Big 12.

“It’s a great situation to be in,” Weeden said. “Not a lot of teams are in this situation and we have to be thankful that we are, and we have to take advantage of it.”

There’s no guarantee that the Cowboys can leapfrog either of the two teams in front of them in the BCS standings, and Gundy may not have helped their case by saying this week that even he considers LSU and Alabama the best teams in the country, at least for now.

With a win, he may change his tune and offer reminders that the Cowboys would then have five wins against the Top 25 teams in the BCS _ compared with two for Alabama _ and they would be conference champions, unlike the Tide.

But none of that means anything if Oklahoma State can’t prove it’s the best team in its own state.

“If we take care of business this weekend, all of that stuff will fall into place. We’re not looking ahead or anything,” cornerback Brodrick Brown said.

“It’s time to break that little tradition, losing to them eight years in a row,” he added.