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Rose shrugged it off. He said money is “the last thing I think about.”

Even so, he has some ideas about how he might use it.

He mentioned pouring some of it back into his old neighborhood in Englewood, one of the roughest sections of Chicago. He pointed out a lack of indoor courts and after-school programs for youngsters in that area.

He also thought about how far he’s come, going from there to here, and he acknowledged he’s sometimes amazed. Along the way, he helped Simeon Career Academy win back-to-back state championships, then led Memphis to the NCAA championship game before the Bulls drafted him with the top pick in 2008 after defying long odds to win the lottery.

Rose is now all of 23 years old.

“Coming from where I’m coming from, I can’t explain it,” he said. “I really can’t explain it. I never would have thought in a million years that I would have signed a contract like this, especially coming from an area where I’m from. No one from Englewood has ever been in my position so sometimes I think, `Why me?’”

Forman thought about that day when the franchise’s fortunes changed. The Bulls‘ director of player personnel at the time, he was at home and wasn’t really paying close attention to the draft lottery. After all, the Bulls‘ had just a 1.7-percent shot at winning it.

“What I remember most about it is the ice cream truck was coming down the street right then,” Forman said. “I went out with my two boys and we got ice cream to celebrate.”

Rose will be approaching his 29th birthday when his deal expires, and he wants to spend his entire career with the Bulls “unless they trade me or something.”

That seems unlikely. He was also asked if he thought about taking less money in order to give the team some extra salary-cap space.

“I don’t even know how much I make right now, to tell you the truth,” Rose said.

Forman pointed out that Rose made it clear he wanted to stay with the Bulls and didn’t seek a player option.

Derrick absolutely didn’t want that,” he said. “He wanted a full commitment to the Chicago Bulls and to stay in Chicago. To us, that’s really special. He stepped up. The maximum length he could sign is what he wanted to sign.”