- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Oftentimes, I surrender to the reckless impulses of human nature and read a newspaper. As I perused the local newsprint while in Washington recently, I was struck by the dominant nomenclature and the absurdity of liberalism.

From what I understand, liberalism attempts to facilitate man’s innate desire to return to the wild animal kingdom he was forced to abandon by involuntary, evolutionary forces. If liberals hold true to their beliefs - that mankind evolved from lesser animals - then how does one explain our current human condition as members of our species beg others for a bailout? Nowhere in my public education was I shown any socially disadvantaged cows grazing in a pasture, following the more prosperous cows around with protest signs begging for a share of their cud.

I would imagine that if any person in academia actually witnessed one animal of adult age following around another adult begging for life’s essentials, that fact alone would be trumpeted as evidence of our primordial predisposition to be Democrats. But what do we see instead in real life? One member of a species copying the mature behavior of another to ensure its own viability.

Animals are wired to imitate adult behavior, not juvenile begging. Only human beings seem to have developed an evolutionary flaw that prolongs begging beyond the juvenile stage into and throughout adulthood.


Buffalo, N.Y.



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