- - Thursday, December 22, 2011


Edwards says he’s ill, asks for trial delay

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says he has been diagnosed with a medical condition that would make it difficult for him to attend his approaching criminal trial over misuse of campaign finances and is asking for it to be delayed.

In a motion filed Thursday, Mr. Edwards‘ lawyers asked a federal judge to delay the start of the Jan. 30 trial for at least two months. They did not disclose his illness and filed sealed records with the court.

“The Defendant has a medical issue … that will prevent a trial of this matter during the January 2012 Criminal Term,” the motion says.

Federal prosecutors did not take a position on the medical issue, but they did file a separate motion opposing another Edwards request for more time to prepare. The trial date was already delayed once after Mr. Edwards said he needed more time to prepare his defense and attend his daughter’s wedding.

Mr. Edwards has pleaded not guilty to six felony and misdemeanor counts related to nearly $1 million from wealthy donors used to help hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 run for the While House.

The former Democratic vice presidential nominee appeared healthy last week at a pretrial hearing in the case.


Occupy Iowa City shouts down Bachmann

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City has long been a popular stop for presidential candidates, but it probably won’t be high on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s list anymore.

About two dozen Occupy Iowa City members packed the diner before Mrs. Bachmann arrived Thursday, then loudly chanted in unison as she tried to mingle with supporters. Their chant blasted the Minnesota lawmaker’s position on gay rights, health care and taxes and ended with: “You’re not wanted here. So go, just go.”

The restaurant’s manager said the campaign blared Christmas songs over a sound system to drown out the protesters. Police arrived as tensions rose, but no one was arrested.

Mrs. Bachmann seemed undeterred. Before leaving, she thanked the owner, praised the food and said it was great to be in Iowa City.


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