- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 22, 2011


Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” — Things I Don’t Understand:

• Why Dale Hunter was announced as coach instead of interim coach.

With a deal that reportedly ends after this season, Hunter is on trial with the Capitals and vice versa. If they don’t like his results as Bruce Boudreau’s successor, they can get someone else. And if Hunter doesn’t like life behind an NHL bench, he can return to his junior league empire.

Fine, no problem. But the parties should have been up-front about it.

• How the BBWAA could be so dense on former Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin.

The baseball writers’ association essentially defended Conlin after allegations of child sex abuse led to his abrupt retirement Tuesday. Its initial statement mentioned a “notable career” and “a member in good standing since 1966,” but didn’t mention any shock, sorrow or sympathy.

Give the BBWAA a big, fat ‘F’ on the lessons from Penn State and Syracuse.

• What led the Nationals to pursue veteran outfielder Mike Cameron.

Nothing against Cameron, who turns 39 next month and has a good reputation in the clubhouse, but his signing was a buzz kill. Yes, it’s only a minor league deal with an invite to spring training, but it highlights the Nats’ failure to add a major outfield bat.

Besides, “veteran presence” isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be; see: Matt Stairs.

• Why his actual credentials weren’t good enough for Yale’s Tom Williams.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford are great, but Williams also added “Rhodes Scholar candidate” to his resume. The embellishment led to his resignation Wednesday as Yale’s football coach. He apparently applied in 1992 but withdrew his candidacy shortly thereafter.

Perhaps lying wasn’t Williams’ greatest sin; he was 0-3 against Harvard, too.

• How London Fletcher can maintain his level of play much longer.

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