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The boy’s work ethic blossomed by watching his father’s tireless diligence.

“I literally sat down before by myself and thought, ‘Does my dad have some super powers?’ Like for real, I sat around and wondered that,” Wilson said. “He was building houses and stuff and going up ladders. He can make anything.”

Dwight Wilson estimates that, with the help of his sons, he rebuilt 80 to 90 percent of that house.

“Every piece of wood in here I touched,” he said.

It’s now one of the nicest houses on the block. It’s where Wilson grew up, and where his parents still live.

“Sometimes I look back at this house I put together and I say, ‘How in the world did I do that?’” Dwight Wilson said. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you set your mind to it.”

The father’s words apply to his son’s journey as well. The house David Wilson helped build is where his NFL dream took shape. And soon he will step into an NFL uniform again, like the one he wore when he was a little boy.

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