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It’s always interesting to see how newcomers to the Washington locker room – those used to winning, especially — respond to the organization’s dysfunction. Barry Cofield, for instance, won a Super Bowl with the Giants in his second year and had never experienced a losing season as a pro until he signed with the Redskins. And now … he’s just searching for answers along with everybody else.

“There’s no rhyme or reason why one team comes out energized [on a given day] and one comes out flat,” he said. “If there was a formula, we wouldn’t have won last week [in New York]. We’ve just got to take our medicine and look back on this and know that we didn’t get it done. Hopefully, we can use an embarrassment like this to drive us.”

It’s a nice thought — that a club that has Known No Shame might be embarrassed enough by a loss to mend its wastrel ways. Seeing is believing, though. And against the Vikes, the Redskins did nothing to earn any benefit of the doubt.