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A few months after the D.C. Council had to be warned about using profanity on the dais, the District’s most legendary political figure was at it again.

During hours of debate on the council’s sweeping ethics bill - you know, that document intended to clean up anything unseemly about our city legislators - council member Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, let one fly while complaining that his colleagues spend many hours on ethics legislation, but don’t show up for hearings on education or jobs.

“So I have no choice except to vote for this bill because if I didn’t, people would say, ‘Marion Barry doesn’t believe in ethics. He wants to protect himself,’ or that kind of bull–-.” Mr. Barry said.

Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown interjected and politely asked, “Councilman Barry, Councilman Barry, can you refrain from that type of language?

“No,” the four-time mayor quickly replied, and continued with his comments.

• David Hill, David Sherfinksi and Tom Howell Jr. contributed to this report.