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“Just playing with my family, they gave me a lot of advice to help me with my game,” Porter said.

Porter flew under the radar for a large majority of his high school career, first coming to Georgetown’s attention during Scott County’s state championship run in his junior year.

At that time, Missouri and Kansas were interested as well, but it was hardly the recruiting frenzy that often greets top-notch talent from their initial high school games.

“During that junior year was when I saw the name, recognized the name, started watching footage, started following up,” Thompson said. “But there are very few secrets out there in this business.”

Still, Porter wasn’t a household name when he arrived on campus.

“I didn’t know much about him,” senior guard Jason Clark said. “He’s a small-town kid. We all talk to him and tell him to keep playing hard. He’s kind of quiet. He’s still coming out of his shell.”

Porter’s unflappable nature benefits the Hoyas as well, giving them a player who can inject stability, defense and rebounding presence off the bench without making the kind of unforced errors that might plague a less-composed player.

“I feel very comfortable coming off the bench,” he said. “I just try to come out there and play as hard as my teammates, if not harder, to help the team out and win.”