- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 29, 2011


Obama demands recount in landslide loss

World ends: Smug Mayans celebrate

Iran tests nuke; Obama keeps golfing

AG Holder announces operation ‘Slow and Indifferent’ to battle electoral fraud

Obama hires Charlie Sheen as image consultant

Ford acquires Toyota in hostile takeover

New Pentagon mandate: sensitivity training in boot camp

Al Gore run over by glacier

Iran sends troops into Baghdad to restore order

Occupy protester takes a shower … is thrown out of movement

Rick Perry voted off American Idol, Forgotten lyrics blamed

U.S. debt hits a gazillion dollars

Euro replaced with bags of chocolate coins

Obama, Boehner announce MegaSuperDuper Committee

Attorney General Holder resigns

Supreme Court: Obamacare unconstitutional

Mom arrested: Bought candy for child during school hours

Senate budget MIA third year in a row

GOP trifecta: Control House, Senate & presidency
Carter: Obama best prez since me

Obama says Bo will miss the big yard

Harry Reid moves into minority leader’s office



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