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Mr. Huntsman on Friday said he will meet with voters this Saturday in New Hampshire, a state central to his political strategy. Mr. Huntsman has written off Iowa and has spent neither time nor money there.

As a result, he was unlikely meet the qualifying threshold in Iowa of 5 percent in a poll of state caucus goers or in a national poll.

Mr. Huntsman also has accepted an invitation to do a one-on-one debate with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire. The two will meet in Windham for a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate with tea party activists on Dec. 12.


Bachmann: Former Cain backers moving her way

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann said Sunday many people who had supported Herman Cain in the race are getting behind her candidacy.

With Mr. Cain now out of the race, Mrs. Bachmann said Republican voters see her as the tea party candidate and the “most consistent conservative” in the contest.

The congresswoman from Minnesota said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Mr. Cain’s supporters considered him as an outsider and that her conservative positions are most reflective of his stance.

Mr. Cain abandoned his White House bid Saturday under the strain of sexual misconduct allegations.


Obama defends his faith in America amid GOP barbs

Republican presidential candidates are accusing President Obama of portraying America as just another nation and they’re trying to raise questions about his patriotism.

The criticism has led Mr. Obama to defend his faith in America and confront GOP candidates who are seeking to undercut his leadership heading into the 2012 presidential election.

Republican Mitt Romney has accused the president of considering America “just another nation.” The former Massachusetts governor frequently has said America is an “exceptional nation.”

Mr. Obama used a recent trip to Asia to highlight America’s role as the strongest and most influential nation in the world. He has said the rest of the world looks to the U.S. for leadership. He speaks frequently of the American values that the world admires.

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