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“I have great affection for George Bush. I’m talking about ‘41’ - although I also like ‘43’ - and his extraordinary preparation both as a private-sector leader and then having been head of the CIA and the Republican National Committee,” Mr. Romney observes. “This is a man who had a broad series of experiences, which allowed him to stare down the communist regime. We forget that he was the man that was there when the Soviet Union finally collapsed. And he was an individual that did not exult in the failure of others.”


“Nearly two-thirds of the 10.2 million unauthorized adult immigrants in the U.S. have lived in this country for at least 10 years and nearly half are parents of minor children,” says a new estimate by the Pew Hispanic Center, based on current census data. The analysis finds that 35 percent of that population have been here 15 years or more; 28 percent for 10 to 14 years; 22 percent for five to nine years; and 15 percent for less than five years.

“Half of unauthorized adult immigrants today - about 4.7 million people - are parents of minor children. By contrast, just 38 percent of legal-immigrant adults and 29 percent of U.S.-born adults are parents of minor children,” the study says. See the numbers here:


• 92 percent of likely Republican caucus goers in Iowa says they are “open to change” when it comes to their loyalty toward their chosen presidential candidate.

• 75 percent say that “in general,” they are conservative.

• 65 percent support the tea party movement.

• 60 percent say they “could be persuaded” to change their support from one candidate to another.

• 51 percent says they “definitely” will attend the Republican caucuses in Iowa; 49 percent will “probably” attend.

• 34 percent say Mitt Romney is the “most presidential” of the Republican field.

• 25 percent are concerned there may be a “new revelation” about their first-choice candidate that would impact their support.

• 25 percent say their first choice is currently Newt Gingrich; 18 percent pick Rep. Ron Paul, 16 percent Mr. Romney.

Source: A Des Moines Register “Iowa Poll” of 401 likely Republican caucus goers conducted Nov. 27-30.

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