- - Monday, December 5, 2011


Russian tanker to get fuel to Nome

ANCHORAGE — The iced-in city of Nome on Alaska’s western coast may be in luck: A Russian tanker that can plow through thick ice will try to deliver 1.5 million gallons of home heating fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel after a massive storm kept a barge from getting in before winter.

The vessel, which is certified to travel through ice 4 feet thick for long distances, delivers fuel to communities in the Russian Far East. The plan is for it to leave Russia this week and go to South Korea, where it will be loaded with fuel, and then travel to Nome, where it should arrive by late December.

If it can’t make it into port, the tanker is equipped with a hose more than a mile long for off-loading fuel.

It could save the 3,500 residents of the coastal city from a very costly winter, including predictions of $9-a-gallon gasoline if fuel had to be flown in.


Mom gets life term for killing neighbor

FORT DODGE — A woman convicted of killing her northwest Iowa neighbor as part of an elaborate plot to frame her husband maintained her innocence Monday as she was sentenced to life in prison during an emotional hearing.

Tracey Richter, 45, claimed she shot Dustin Wehde, 20, in her home in 2001 after he and another man broke in and choked her with pantyhose. She appeared on national television soon after the shooting, telling how she killed Mr. Wehde to protect herself and her three children.

Jurors sided with prosecutors, who said Richter made up the story as part of a convoluted plot to frame her former husband. They said Richter shot Mr. Wehde to keep him quiet.

She was convicted Nov. 7 of first-degree murder, which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. Richter said she plans to appeal. Iowa has no death penalty.


Governor gets 3,600 calls opposing ‘holiday’ tree

PROVIDENCE — Thousands of people have lodged complaints over independent Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s decision to call a spruce erected at the Statehouse a holiday tree and not a Christmas tree.

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