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“[The Alon] case brings all of that up. I think it opens a few wounds that a lot of people there would rather be left alone.”

While participating in the documentary film has brought Ms. Alon-Margalit and Ms. Alon-Rosenschein a measure of peace, the ongoing secrecy surrounding their father’s death has shaken their faith in the United States - and in Israel, the nation that Alon fought to preserve.

Israel is my only home, and I don’t want to throw mud in anybody’s face,” Ms. Alon-Margalit said. “I just want things to be better in the next generation. The hiding policy, the covering, it was maybe essential in the early years of establishing the state. But it can’t continue. We are certain that there are people who know what happened.”

“Thirty-eight years have passed,” said Ms. Alon-Rosenschein. “This is the time to bring the truth forward.”

WHAT: Lunch and discussion about “Who Shot My Father? The Story of Joe Alon” with film director Liora Amir Barmatz; Rachel Alon-Margalit and Yael Alon-Rosenschein, daughters of Joe Alon; Fred Burton, author of “Chasing Shadows: A Special Agent’s Lifelong Hunt to Bring a Cold War Assassin to Justice”

WHERE: Goethe-Institut, 812 Seventh St. NW

WHEN: Wednesday at noon.

PHONE: 202/789-0900