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“They kind of have. It’s not flourishing. Let’s be honest,” Young said. “But you let Tim hang around, he’ll beat you. He will beat you. There’s nobody I can say that more emphatically about than Tim Tebow. If he’s around at the end, you’re dead.”

While Tebow is diplomatic, saying he’ll do whatever is asked of him, Young thinks in his heart of hearts, Tebow wants to be groomed into a passer and not run the same offense he did in college.

“I believe he would rather take the chance of failing, even miserably, and dropping back and really throwing the ball and playing NFL quarterback,” Young said. “And I think the Broncos don’t believe he can do it. John Fox, what did he say, he’d be screwed if he does that? That’s a pretty strong statement, right?

“The Broncos are saying he can’t play quarterback traditionally so we’ll just fiddle faddle around here for a little while but long term we’re not committed to this. It’s almost like they’ve made it a little bit of a sideshow.”

In that case, Theismann said, grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

“He certainly is. Why can’t we?” Theismann said. “I call it Cirque de Soleil. It’s in town.”

A three-ring circus is more like it, Young said.

“These wins, really it’s kind of fun to watch because the Broncos, they’re going to play themselves into a dilemma at the end of the season: Who are we going to be?” Young said. “And I guarantee you, if Tim wins two or three more games, they’ll storm the castle if they try to do something other than Tim Tebow next year.”


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