- Associated Press - Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KABUL, Afganistan — A suicide bomber struck a crowd of Shiite worshippers who packed a Kabul mosque Tuesday to mark a holy day, killing at least 56 people, and a second bombing in another city killed four more Shiites.

They were the first major sectarian assaults since the fall of the Taliban a decade ago.

A third attack, a motorcycle bomb in the southern city of Kandahar, killed one civilian. But police said it did not target Shiites as they commemorated Ashoura, which marks the seventh century death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussein.

Religiously motivated attacks on Shiites are rare in Afghanistan, although they are common in neighboring Pakistan.

No group claimed responsibility for the blasts, reminiscent of the wave of sectarian attacks that shook Iraq during the height of the war there.

In Kabul, the bomber blew himself up in a crowd of men, women and children gathered outside the Abul Fazl shrine.

Mahood Khan, who is in charge of the shrine near the presidential palace, said the explosion occurred just outside a packed courtyard where worshippers were lined up as they filed in and out of the crowded building.

Some men were beating themselves in mourning, an Ashoura tradition, and food was being distributed.

“It was a very powerful blast,” Mr. Khan said. “The food was everywhere. It was out of control. Everyone was crying, shouting. It is a disaster.”

The Public Health Ministry said 56 were killed - including two women and four children.

More than 160 were wounded, said Sayed Kabir Amiri, who is in charge of Kabul hospitals. It was the single deadliest attack in the Afghan capital in more than three years.

Four other Shiites were killed in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. A bomb strapped to a bicycle exploded as a convoy of Afghan Shiites was driving down the road, shouting slogans for Ashoura.

Health Ministry spokesman Sakhi Kargar gave the death toll and said 21 people were wounded.

The Interior Ministry said police defused another bomb planted in Mazar-i-Sharif near the one that blew up.

The Ministry of Interior blamed the Taliban and “terrorists” for the attacks.



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