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The group said in a statement Tuesday that Uganda’s government should provide protection for Rwandan journalists and other critics of Rwanda’s government living in Uganda.

Charles Ingabire, the editor of an online publication and a frequent critic of Rwanda’s government, was shot and killed in Kampala last week.

Critics of the government of Rwandan President Paul Kagame have been killed under mysterious circumstances over the years. Rwanda’s government always has denied any involvement in such deaths.


Seven killed in explosion at auto-parts market

KADUNA | Emergency officials said at least seven people were dead after an explosion in an auto-parts market in a central Nigerian city.

A spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency, Yushau Shuaib, said the dead included a 3-year-old child.

Officials said the explosion happened Wednesday morning in Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna state.

Kaduna state Police Commissioner Bala Nasarawa said investigators were looking into the cause of the blast, which occurred near cylinders of natural gas.

Kaduna, on Nigeria’s dividing line between its largely Christian south and Muslim north, was at the heart of post-election violence in April.


U.S. protests arrests of journalists, acitvists

HARARE | The United States on Wednesday protested the increasing number of arrests of journalists and civic activists ahead of the completion of constitutional reforms and proposed elections in Zimbabwe.

Andrew Moyse, head of an independent media monitoring group, was freed from jail late Tuesday after police raided his offices and seized CDs and DVDs alleged to contain subversive material.

Three of his staff arrested Monday remained in custody in western Zimbabwe. In a new crackdown by police, four other independent journalists have been arrested since Nov. 15.

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