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A department spokeswoman says that Sharis Pozen, the acting head of the antitrust division, confirmed the inquiry at a hearing before a House Judiciary subcommittee.

The department has been working with the European Union and state attorneys general in the U.S.

The EU’s antitrust watchdog said Tuesday that it was investigating whether Apple helped five major publishing houses illegally raise prices for e-books when Apple launched its iPad tablet and iBookstore in 2010.


Third congressional panel to subpoena Corzine

A third congressional panel has voted to subpoena former Sen. Jon Corzine to testify about his role leading MF Global, the brokerage that failed this fall.

The oversight panel of the House Financial Services Committee voted Wednesday to compel Mr. Corzine to testify at a Dec. 15 hearing. He had declined to appear voluntarily.

Mr. Corzine is scheduled as a witness at the House Agriculture panel’s hearing Thursday, and on Dec. 13 before the Senate Agriculture Committee. Both panels had to issue subpoenas.

MF Global filed bankruptcy on Oct. 31 after a disastrous bet on European debt. An estimated $1.2 billion or more may be missing from customer accounts. Regulators are investigating.

Mr. Corzine, a Democrat, was a U.S. senator from New Jersey and later served as the state’s governor.


Reid: Senate not leaving till payroll tax cut OK’d

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate won’t leave town for the Christmas holiday until Congress approves an extension of the payroll tax cut.

The Nevada Democrat and other Senate Democratic leaders used a press conference Wednesday to try raising pressure on Republicans.

Senate Republicans have so far objected to a Democratic plan to extend the tax cut because they oppose tax hikes on millionaires that Democrats would use to pay for it. In the House, GOP leaders say they want to extend the tax cut but have yet to drum up enough support for a bill to do so.

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