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For the rest of the fall, Teich was his usual steady self. He enters Saturday with 790 yards and three touchdowns, and he surpassed the 2,000-yard mark for his career last month.

“There’s no question he’s maximized if not overachieved his potential,” Judge said. “He’s the kind of guy who could be a really good football player, but because of what he’s done on and off the field, he’s become a great football player for us. … He by far has exceeded the expectations we’ve had here for him.”

More importantly, he met expectations during his toughest time at the academy, providing evidence he was more than worthy of his service assignment.

Last week, Teich described what awaited him after graduation, notably the chance to lead men with personalities like his own. When the prospect of a room filled with people who approach life like he does was floated, Teich grinned.

“Sounds pretty fun. Sounds like a good time,” Teich said. “I think it’d be an honor to lead guys like that, guys that have a Type-A personality that you don’t have to motivate as much because they’re already motivated. They want success.”

Just like the guy who ultimately made the best out of both the good and bad from a wild, emotional day in early October.