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“I guess I didn’t take less enough,” Nowitzki said, laughing. “I still got a decent deal out of it so maybe it wasn’t enough cutback.”

Another reason for Nowitzki’s calm is that he’s seen Cuban do this before.

Nowitzki didn’t like losing good buddy Steve Nash, then Michael Finley a year later, but the Mavericks ended up going to the finals without them in 2006 and had one of the best records in league history in `07. The same front office team of Nelson and Cuban rebuilt the roster again to get Chandler, Jason Kidd and the other key players that won it all in `11.

“We know that Donnie has the knowledge and Cubes (too),” Nowitzki said. “They’re going to make the right decisions for this team.”


AP Sports Writer Andrew Seligman in Chicago contributed to this report.