- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 8, 2011

AMES, Iowa — Allies of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are going up on the air with a blistering 60-second TV ad in Iowa that assails Newt Gingrich on a host of fronts culminating in “30 years in Washington flip-flopping on issues.”

A script of the ad, which tries to redirect the “flip-flop” charge frequently made against Mr. Romney and which will start running Friday, says, “Newt has a ton of baggage.”

The ad says the former House speaker was once fined for ethics violations, and notes that after leaving office he collected at least $1.6 million from the financially troubled federally backed mortgage lender Freddie Mac.

The ad also accuses Mr. Gingrich of earning $37 million from health care industry groups, and says he supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The ad comes from the political action committee Restore Our Future, run by former staffers of Mr. Romney’s 2008 presidential bid.



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